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  • Golden eggs turns into jobs for women in Zanzibar

    The collaboration between Johooo, Sunnmørsmat and Norges Vel will jobs and business for poor women in Zanzibar

    How to help women in Zanzibar out of poverty, John John Bruseth from the nonprofit organization Johooo asked himself. He found the solution together with egg producer Rune Haram in Sunnmørsmat: - We build up a professional egg production for local women's groups to run. Norges Vel took the job of organising it all.

  • 40 years of international work

    I 2018 har Norges Vel 40-årsjubileum for internasjonalt arbeid

    In 1978, Norges Vel started its international work in cooperation with the Norwegian cooperative organizations and with support from Norad. It started with course activities, supporting recruitment of experts, information work that included study trips, and project assistance to promote cooperative value creation.

  • New mailing address

    Norges Vel has a new mailing address from January 1 2019

    From January 1, 2019, Norges Vel has the following mailing address in Norway: Norges Vel, Bråteveien 200, N-2013 Skjetten, Norway

  • Professionalising the Rice Sector in Tanzania

    Norges Vel bidrar til økt matsikkerhet gjennom å profesjonalisere rissetoren i Tanzania

    Rice is Tanzania's second most important staple product, and increased production can reduce import and eventually increase export. Norges Vel’s efforts to professionalize the rice sector in Tanzania through organisation and modern production methods, have doubled the smallholder farmers yield of rice production.

  • Norges Vel contributes to UN's SDG's

    Norges Vel contributes to several of the UN's Sustainability Development Goals

    The UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are the world's joint work plan for eradicating poverty, combating inequality and ending climate change by 2030. Norges Vel’s vision of creating viable communities helps achieve the SDG’s through our work with sustainable, nature-based business development.

  • Increased production and income through cooperatives

    In Mozambique, Norges Vel helps local farmers to increase their production and income through local agricultural cooperatives

    Norges Vel and Felleskjopet collaborates on the development of the company IKURU, which is partly owned by farmers in the Nampula region of Mozambique. The goal is to build a business owned by local agricultural cooperatives to strengthen farmers' income through increased production of food and seeds.

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