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  • Our input to the Minister for Development

    Norges Vel works with organizing of small farmers, as these soy farmers in Mocambique

    “The financing and organisation of small farmers into profitable, farmer-owned co-operatives will contribute both to the fight against hunger and to climate-friendly food production. Norwegian NGOs can form a useful partner in strategic collaboration between Norwegian and local firms, for which the goal is to create decent work and local economic growth, in addition to profitability in Norway”, says Reinaart Pretorius, the head of international development in the Royal Norwegian Society for Development.

  • Nature conservation campaign with Ludvig in the lead

    The hedgehog Ludvig was created in connection with Norges Vel's "Keep Norway Clean" campaign

    This spring it is 50 years since the little hedgehog Ludvig was created in connection with the "Keep Norway Clean" campaign that Norges Vel established. From 1969 to 1977, the action was carried out in all the counties of the country.

  • Empowering women in the rice sector in Tanzania

    Through Norges Vel's COMRICE project Tanzanian women gain increased ownership and control over their own businesses

    Women are most often responsible for food production on the farm. Through Norges Vel's COMRICE project, Tanzanian women gain increased ownership and control over their own businesses. More professional rice production provides both food and a profit that contributes to the family income.

  • Looking for green entrepreneurs

    Mats Olsen og Marius Sandvik fra Norges Vel etterlyser gründere som vil være med til investorforumet European Bio Economy Venture Forum i juni

    «Do you have a good business idea within bioeconomy, but need investors? Then we want to talk to you,» says Mats Olsen and Marius Sandvik from Norges Vel. The two of them are looking for entrepreneurs who will join the investor forum, European Bio Economy Venture Forum, on June 19-20 in Viborg, Denmark.

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