Turi-Britt came to Norges Vel the autumn of 2017, and works as a senior advisor with food and culture as her area of responsibility. She works on business development within the agricultural and marine sectors, with a focus on local foods, experiences and developing the whole value chain from earth and sea to marketing and commercialisation. Turi-Britt is further engaged in Norges Vel through it's work within integration measures through food and nutrition education.

Turi-Britt has vast experience with the development of projects and businesses, internationalisation, sales and marketing. She has many years of work with the advising of agricultural based food products. Hun is an educated export economist, and has a Bachelor in nutrition and has taken the NHH exam for brand building.

My Norges Vel

It is a very rewarding job to work at Norges Vel, working actively on developing local value chains and sustainable products from agriculture to the marine sector. I like to work with the entire value chain during the development of products and services, and I think that the investment into local food and experience based food products at the crossroads of food and travel are very exciting.