Roger has worked as an economy and administration manager in Norges Vel since 2012 and is a part of Norges Vel's leadership. He has over 20 years of experience within economy, step by step from multiple companies within the private sector. Leader for the administration and has areas of responsibility of economy, employees and IT. In addition to this he is the manager of one of Norges Vel's subsidiaries Norges Vel Consult AS, and he is on the board of our properties.

Educated economist from the business school BI in 1992. He also has a masters from BI in 2009. Roger's strengths are in the traditional economy management role, economic analysis, budgeting and accountancy as main focuses.

My Norges Vel

I think it is a satisfying job in a business where the focus is something other than maximising profit. I also think it is stimulating to help my colleagues with economical management in projects so that we reach our goals. It is an academic challenge to work in such a complicated organisation. My areas of work vary from development projects in Africa to rending out our property.