Ragnhild has worked at Norges Vel as a senior advisor since 2016. She primarily works with solar power. Ragnhild is also committed as the secretary general of the Norwegian Solar power society, where she has a part time position.

Ragnhild completed a Bachelor's degree in communication and psychology at the Simon Fraser University in Canada, later working as the commucations advisor for the Norwegian agricultural cooperative. Her interest for environment and climate lead her back to her studies, and in 2014 she finished her masters in technology, innovation and knowledge at TIK-senteret at UiO.

My Norges Vel

It is exciting to work as part of an organisation that has such long historical roots, but still be oriented to the future. Solar power, which is my main priority at work, has the potential to be the most important renewable energy source in the future. We are seeing a huge growth in the use of solar power across the globe. We want to be a part of this development! Both nationally and internationally.

Norges Vel's goal of advancing communities is important to me. The way I see it, it is about seeing the value in every single person and help them acquire the competence they need to have increased control of their lives. This is the overarching goal, as well as funny, knowledgeable and kind colleagues, these are the things that make Norges Vel a great place to work.