Øyvind is the managing director in Norges Vel and has been employed by the organisation since 2009. He is also head of the board for the subsidiary companies. He has the overall responsibility for the developmental efforts in Norway and internationally, property management, recognition awarding and the endowment funds. In addition he is responsible for ensuring that the organisation's economy is safe and sustainable and that the management and employees have good working conditions and a good working environment.

Øyvind has many years of experience from international developmental work and diplomacy, result and business management as well as the leadership of a variety of projects within food production, business development, environment, culture and energy. He has worked in leadership for many years, and thrives in making sure that he creates good working conditions for every colleague. He has a Cand. Polit. in development sociology from UiO. He has also studied social economics and political intellectual history and has additional studies in leadership and management.

My Norges Vel

I find it meaningful to work with business development, entrepreneurship and green shift in Norway, and with sustainable poverty reduction, job creation and increasing food security internationally. It is a rewarding job with so many competent and engaged leaders and co-workers that are all glowingly busy with efforts to make a difference through their work. In addition it is very inspiring to manage Norges Vel's vast heritage and traditions whilst contributing to making the organisation future oriented and ready to continure what has been our trademark for over 200 years; that is our goal and vision of thriving communities.