Mats works with entrepreneurship and business development in Norges Vel. He contributes to the running of entrepreneurship services in Follo and Østfold. In addition he works with advising businesses related to farming, especially within food and travel. He is also responsible for the local food network Regional Matkultur Oslofjord.

Mats has a cand.mag. degree within social planning from the University in Lillehammer, men will soon have worked for 20 years with financing and establishment within Norwegian businesses. He has specialised his work with people in the starting phase of establishing comapnies. He has experience with a number of different branches.

My Norges Vel

For me Norges Vel is an exciting organisation to work with. The colleagues I have are a fine gang that share the same values of sustaineability, respect and contribute to the betterment of the communities we work with. Considering that we work both nationally and internationally you experience a lot and meet many kind people.