Line started in Norges Vel in the autumn of 2018 and works at the office in Bergen.
She is a secretary and project manager for the Artisans at Work Économusée Norway (AWEN), a corporate network with 12 members in Western Norway. In the long run, the association will expand and become a national initiative in which traditional craft and production will be safeguarded and developed, also as a tourism product.

Line holds a bachelor's degree in Development Studies and a master's degree in Nature-based tourism from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). She has experience from the municipal administration and tourism industry, last as a general manager of a destination company.


I think Norges Vel is an exciting organization, with a long and proud history. The purpose of Norges Vel when we were established in 1809 was, among other things, to develop an independent Norwegian economy on the Norwegian nature's premise. Even though the Norwegian society, and not least the economy, has changed dramatically, it is still highly relevant today. I think it's very interesting to work in an organization that takes today's challenges seriously and where we get the opportunity to contribute to a positive development.