Lill-Ann has worket at Norges Vel since 2007 as a senior advisor. She has 30 years of experience working in the food sector. Her main focus has and continues to be the development of businesses all along the value chain to the market. She has led large projects with a lot of subtasks, where links to R&D groups and other expertise groups has been one of the critera for success. One of her strengths is the grounding and explaining of expectations of clients prior to projects.

Lill-Ann combines her understanding of challenges and opportunities with a long experience within process and project leadership, with special weight put on on all the processes that are going to be user run and give increased revenue when it comes to the bottom line of each company. This contributes greattly to the achieving the goals of the client.

My Norges Vel

Cooperation, knowledge dissemination and business development have been vital to Norges Vel since the creation in 1809. They are just as important today, and fit in well with my methods of work. I enjoy working somewhere I have no days too similar to the previous. A job where I can work towards goals with customers and colleagues to solve problems and create results for the benefit of Norges Vel's clients in line with our guiding principles for strong communities.