Jorunn started in Norges Vel in 2008 as a coordinator for projects in the West-Balkans. She is the point of contact and coordinator for projects and announcements under the Norway grants, as well as the project leader for varied international projects where renewable energy, local product development and sustainable business development are central. She is also the coordinator and project leader for national projects where integration, work training and entrepreneurial skill education are central.
Jorunn is a Cand. Polit from UiO weighted towards international politics. After almost 10 years in the public sector (Foreign office and municipal and regional department) she started dialogue and reconciliation project in the Balkans before she started at Norges Vel where local business development is central to our efforts.

My Norges Vel

The work at Norges Vel makes it possible to connect to more important values like environment, sustainability and local resources to the thoughts and goals of creating employment and thereby contribute to creating a better economy for those involved. Colleagues and partners of diverse academic backgrounds, cultural variation and broad competence means that there is always a lot to learn and where cooperation is the correct and important way to the future.