Geir Atle Bakken started in Norges Vel August of 2017 as a building manager, with responsibilites for managing, running and maintaining Norges Vels buildings, HMS responsible and fire safety. In his work he will focus on energy optimisations, reducing energy use and choosing environmentally friendly materials in the daily running and maintenance work. Geir Atle takes part in relevant building and development projects. He has an engineering degree in energy and environment in buildings, practical experience as a logger and tinsmith and has worked independently running business for 9 years.

My Norges Vel

Norges Vel offers varied tasks within management and running of their properties. Tasks are everything from hanging up signs on meeting rooms to planning of property development for the companies properties. Norges Vel works with sustainable development of businesses many places in the work. The building managers primary task is managing the Norwegian properties. In Norges Vel I experience that everyone I meet, takes the time to talk and get an idea of what the others' current tasks are so that they can utilise the company's vast pool of collective experience. It shows amazing understanding for me as a parent of a small child that I am told to bring my kids to work and vary my working hours as I see fit so that I get the hours needed. Norges Vel really lives up to its name!