Anne has worked in the international department of Norges Vel since 2001, and has been responsible for aquaculture based business development internationally since 2005. Among other things she worked with producer organisation and the strengthening of local partners (both women and men) and cooperation with multinational and national businesses as well as SMBs. Earlier she worked on cooperative organisation, working with youth, women and equality in Central America, West Africa and East Africa. Mostly Madagascar, Mozambique and Tanzania.

She has extensive international experience from working and more than 9 years of growing up and going to school outside of Norway (Russia, Iraq and Spain). Anne has the task of socio-antropology of cooperatives and equality in Nicaragua. She has a lot of competence within project, process and economy management on both large and small projects.

My Norges Vel

I wanted to work a place like Norges vel, with a focus on developing ath the crossroads of economy, organisation, culture, politics and environmet. Working here I have regular contact with those we work for in the field and contiuously with our valuable partners in the field. I think that it is incredibly exciting and rewarding! Innovation and entrepreneurship characterises Norges Vel, and my colleagues and partners are extremely knowledgable, like to discuss technical things, I am consistently impressed and look forward to whatever the day brings.

I have always had a use for, developed and shared by competency in old and new areas, it has been very important. In addition to that Norges Vel is an amazing place to work, the working environment is second to none.