Forward thinking and innovative efforts

The efforts should be forward thinking and innovative, and shall have led to development in the local community. The effort should cause other innovation. The award is prestigious, there are not many who get it.

Yearly calls for nominees

The awarding of the entrepreneurship prize happens once a year. Suggestions for nominees and reasoning must be filled out on the form and signed by at least two people.

Description of the medal

Norges Vel's silver medallion was established in 1893. The medallion is embossed in silver and has a diameter of 40 millimeters. The medallion is awarded with a diploma and is given in a wooden box furnished in black velvet. There is a short brochure with information about the medals Norges Vel award.

Honouring the best of society for over 200 years

The Royal Norwegian Society for Development has a long tradition of honouring people that make efforts for the betterment of society. It was important to support new ideas and build up new business in a time where the country was charactarised by poverty and hunger.

New products were presented at exhibitions, valued and awarded, often with medals. The best known medal that Norges Vel awards is the medal for long and faithfull service, established in 1888 to honour the employees of farms and private residences.