The prerequisite for the grant received from Norad is that 10% of the cost is covered by the civil society, i.e. private individuals and private businesses. Your contribution has a large effect on the success of our work to reduce poverty and strengthen communities.

Give support - get a tax deduction

Norges Vel is recognised under the gift deduction scheme in the Norwegian tax law § 6-50. This means that if you want to support us with a donation between NOK 500,- - 12 000,- as per the rules you can get a 28% tax deduction. Then you must also give your personal ID number (11 digits) by sending us an e-mail at:

Give your contribution to business development in Africa, acount number: 1310 07 09184


Through the UN's sustainability goals world leaders have set themselves the goal of eliminating world hunger, reducing poverty, obtaining food security, and advancing sustainable agriculture and food production by 2030. Norges Vel contributes to this through our commitments in a number of developing countries, first and foremost east and south regions in Africa.

Norges Vel is different to many nonprofit organisations with our sharp focus on business development. We work on maximising effective organisation and the development of modern supply chains. The goal being that organised small scale producers gain a larger part of wealth creation through expanding processing and making connections to local, regional and international markets.

Business development as a strategy

The result of our work is increased competence, new business opportunities, new collaborations, new places of employment, access to new markets, higher incomes, and new infrastructure for food production. In addition attitudes toward equality and environmental awareness are points of focus in our projects.

Local grounding

Our prioritised countries are Tanzania, Madagascar, Uganda, Mozambique and Kenya. Our methods are to work practically, be specific and close by our partners. Our method ensures that there is a safe transfer of knowledge and general grounding of ideas in the local community. As process leaders we are result oriented og want to be wherever the project is to ensure of local competence and knowledge.  We have a small local office in Dar es Salaam that covers all our business in Africa.