The managing director of The Royal Norwegian Society for Development Øyvind Ørbeck Sørheim was responsible for the awarding.

- Norges Vel's board of directors has decided to award this years entrepreneurship award to Ragnhild Lie and her work to establish Lofoten Wool along with a range of arrangements, communication centres and varied duties connected to sheep production in general and Norwegian wool especially, said Ørbeck Sørheim about why the choice was Lie.

60 percent have wool in their wardrobes 

- Wool is undoubtedly important to Norwegians. Our children are rarely in kindergarten from November to April without thermal underwear on, and a large portion of the population throw themselves into knitting as soon as the opportunity presents itself. We make the assumption that the wool is Norwegian, that is unfortunately all too rare though, said Ørbeck Sørheim in his speech.

Gives the consumers choices

Todays increasing climate engagement og green wave has contributed to reversing attitudes in consumers. - We wish to know where our products are produced, how is animal welfare during production and we want an idea of the environmental effect connected to production and manufacturing, Says Ørbeck Sørheim. - It is thanks to certain people and entrepreneurs like Ragnhild Lie that we as consumers get the opportunity to make decisions like this, and for that work she is being recognised.

Using local resources

Ragnhild Lie started the work to establish Lofoten Wool in 2014. Where local resources are used where before they would be exported overseas. Wool from sheep in Lofoten, primarily in Røst gets sheared and sent to Hillesvåg for carding and spinning.

Nice to be seen and recognised

- It is an honour to get such a nice award, and it feels very good to be seen and recognised for what you work with, Lie said when she received the prize. - That others also appreciate the same values gives a feeling of togetherness and optimism.

The award gives Lie a little extra fuel for her work - Being an entrepreneur requires being able to keep your head cool and tireless working hours. Maybe the prize will also go to making Lofoten Wool and its great products more known, Lie hopes.

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