Project background

There was a need in the region to make local raw ingredients more prominent in the food outlet sector. To achieve this, the “Regional Matkultur” network Østfold, Akershus and Oslo was established, with support from the county councils and from the county governors’ agricultural office.

About the project

“Regional Matkultur” is a network for those involved in the food sector in Østfold, Akershus and Oslo counties. It is intended to promote increased volume, improved accessibility, greater visibility and an increased turnover of local food in the catering sector. The members represent the whole of the commercial chain from primary producers, food-related companies and wholesalers to food outlets and farm or specialist shops.

The network is a part of the "European Network of Regional Culinary Heritage". This network consists of over 1100 member companies, spread amongst 30 regions in Europe and has a common focus on marketing and developing food and culinary culture from the various members’ regions. All the regions and member companies use the same logo.

Our contribution and role

Developing “Regional Matkultur” as an association and entering into an agreement to hold the secretariat. This work consists of following up members in the form of offering courses, marketing channels, enabling participation in trade fairs and communicating information that will be useful to the members
Arranging the annual meeting, board meetings and keeping the accounts for the association
Building networks and collaboration on behalf of the association 


“Regional Matkultur” is now the largest food-related network in its region and contributes to visibility and increased turnover for the network members. The network currently has about 90 members, producers and food outlets.