Project background

Rapeseed is a plant in the Brassicaceae family that has been cultuvated in Norway since the Middle Ages. It has traditionally been used primarily for animal food, but in the beginning of the century a group of farmers from south-eastern Norway got together to develop the production of rapeseed oil for use in foodstuffs. Rapeseed oil was already available on the market, but it was never of a comparable quality with other food oils.

About the project

In order to ensure the quality required by consumers, it was important to collaborate closely with Norway’s foremost research groups. A great deal of resources were used to identify which types of seeds were most suitable and which production methods ensured a healthy and safe rapeseed oil of high quality. At the same time, the collaborating farmers had to be organised in a good way in the company Norsk Matraps SA, and the marketing and commercialisation process is led in the right direction.

Our contribution and role

  • Idea, concept development and process leadership
  • Organisation of the producers and of the actual contract production
  • Ongoing advice during the commercialisation process and for the onward development of the product
  • Held the secretariat for Norsk Matraps SA in the start-up phase


In 2012, after seven years on the market, 270 000 liters of rapeseed oil were sold. This constitutes 40 percent of the total rapeseed oil sold in Norway.