The Fjord Pilgrim Route stretching from Egersund to Trondheim offers unique opportunities for such experiences. The goal is to revitalize the sea-way medieval pilgrims used to get to Nidaros. Today, it is not necessarily a religious motivation for the pilgrimage, but a desire to experience nature, history and cultural heritage along the coastal route, which was formerly Norway's main thoroughfare.

Creates a more robust tourism life along the coast

Old buildings that are valuable cultural monuments along the coast can be good objects for pilgrims to visit along the coast. On behalf of NCE Tourism Fjord Norway, Norges Vel has mapped and collected information about current buildings that were ready to receive pilgrimages for accommodation and serving in 2018.

NCE Tourism Fjord Norway is working to create a world-leading tourism industry in the fjords and in the coast by linking tourism actors with leading experts, research and public support. The goal is that the more than one thousand companies living in full or in part from tourism in the fjords will lift themselves. Companies will develop their products and assemble good packages in cooperation with other actors. In this way they want to create a more robust tourism life along the coast.

Companies will develop their products and assemble good packages in cooperation with other actors.

Norges Vel has previously prepared the guide book "New Business in Old Coastal Buildings", which tells how the owners can act to realize their dream of using boathouses or seaside houses for new business activity. We also lead a network for craftsmen at work, Économuséer.

In this project we were to map accommodations and other attractions along the Fjord Pilgrim Route. We also wanted to find craftsmen in the Économusée network that offer cultural dissemination and experiences. In addition, it was desirable to find relevant actors offering catering and boat transport in the relevant local targets in the coastal pilgrimage.

Provides an overview of offers along the Fjord Pilgrim Route

The work resulted in a report listing offers for accommodation, dining and boat transport along the five stages of the pilgrimage from Egersund to Trondheim.

Throughout the work, we also found a great need to facilitate new development projects that can coordinate and develop the offers along the coastal pilgrimage route. This will help local actors succeed in offering more service and attractions for the pilgrims.