Successful experiences from a corresponding project in Uganda form the basis of the Tanzania Renewable Energy Business Incubator. Tarebi ( was established in 2014 and after only a year, several companies are already well established. New positions have been announced for the present year and are increasing the contribution to our goal of renewable energy and business development in Tanzania.


The project is intended to contribute to development and to an increased standard of living in Tanzania by means of establishing sustainable local businesses based on renewable energy. The incubator will create jobs and awareness of the opportunities and potential within renewable energy. 

About the project

The project is being led by the Royal Norwegian Society for Development's Tanzania office in Dar es Salaam. Together with our local implementation partner  IMED (Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Development), we have established the Tanzania Renewable Energy Business Incubator, Tarebi. The incubator collaborates with several relevant bodies in the field of renewable energy, including the Ministry of Energy and the University of Dar es Salaam.

The incubator accepts entrepreneurs with business ideas based on renewable energy. They receive advice on everything from conceptualisation to implementation and strategic planning, while at the same time building networks and knowledge. Once the companies are able to stand alone, after a period of sixth months to two years, they establish themselves outside the incubator and yield room for new entrepreneurs.

The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) provides the finance for the project, which began in January 2014 with a time scale of five to ten years. 

The contribution and role of the Royal Norwegian Society for Development

The Royal Norwegian Society for Development provides advice regarding business organization and -structure, commercial development, value chain development, network building and project follow-up. 

We have a central position in the operators' business models, as well as connecting entrepreneurs with each other and with potential investors. Lobbying the state and institutions in order to make it easier to establish and conduct business within renewable energy is also an important role. 


  • Established TAREBI, an incubator for business development based on renewable energy in Dar es Salaam
  • 6 companies founded in 2014
  • 6 new positions announced for 2015

Did you know that …

The rate of deforestation in Tanzania is between 90 000 and 300 000 hectares (220 000 and 750 000 acres) per year. Much of the forest disappearing goes to heating and food preparation.