Project background

The Royal Norwegian Society for Development has a broad general marine skills base and since 2004 has been engaged in algae cultivation in Madagascar. We combine this knowledge with long experience in commercial development with a focus on sustainability and the environment. In the light of this, we saw a great potential in Norway as well, and since the autumn of 2010 we have been working actively to promote algae as a new coastal industry in Norway.

About the project

The goal is to develop a new, strong and sustainable coastal industry for Norway. The Royal Norwegian Society for Development is working in a commercial chain perspective which covers research and development, pilot studies, cultivation, marketing and sale. This demands effective and open communication between all the bodies involved. A central issue has therefore been to create meeting places for these bodies, amongst other things in the form of conferences and by forming the Norwegian Algae Association.  At the same time, we are working specifically to organise pilot projects all along the coast and to create links between relevant groups.

Our contribution and role

Advising and process leadership to find collaborative partners and possibilities for finance
Publicise and inform about the significance and use of algae amongst public opinion, training and educational institutions and decision-takers.
Implementing pilot projects which can provide experience and knowledge for future commercial development. This covers the whole as well as parts of the algae commercial chain, involving market-ready products
Clarifying the extent to which coastal industry, the agricultural sector and other entrepreneurs can be involved as potential growers, as well as the market for algae products
Taking the initiative to form and acting as secretariat for the Norwegian Algae Association.  Coordinating communication for interested parties and the media regarding the algae products in question and activities in Norway
Project leader for the preliminary projects: "Algae for food", "Integrated multi-trophic marine market assessment" and "Network - farming the sea"
Membership in the Nordic Algae Network 2012-2013 under the project leadership of the Danish Technological Institute, supported by Nordic Innovation Centre
Collecting and disseminating knowledge: arranging conferences about algae


The Royal Norwegian Society for Development has developed and leads seven algae projects in collaboration with bodies including Bioforsk, SINTEF, Bellona, The Institute of Marine Research, Lerøy ASA, Smartfarm, Hortimare and the Salmon Group.