If you have questions or comments regarding this statement or concerning how we handle personal information, you can contact us by email norgesvel@norgesvel.no or write to Norges Vel, Brateveien 200, 2013 Skjetten, Norway.


1. Responsibility for data handling
2. Purpose of data handling
3. What information is handled
4. Personally-identifiable information
5. Web analysis and information capsules (cookies)
6. The legal basis for the data handling
7. Access to information
8. Newsletter
9. Data handlers
10. How we secure information
11. Your rights
12. Consent
13. Changes in the declaration

1. Responsibility for data handling

The Royal Norwegian Society for Development is responsible for the data handling of your personal information.

2. Purpose of data handling

Giving personal information is optional for visitors to the website. Information is given in connection with services such as using the contact form, subscribing to newsletters, applying for endowments, suggesting candidates for the entrepreneurship award, applying for membership and applying for the Medal for Long and Faithful Service. 

We will use information about you for some of the following purposes: 

  • Use of email addresses and postal addresses for sending newsletters and other material via our websites and other channels
  • Dealing with your enquiry or application
  • Providing you with information about meetings or events
  • For collecting statistics and for the administration of our websites

This information is collected in order for the Royal Norwegian Society for Development to gain additional information about its users, including finding out how the users have arrived at the websites and tracing general usage patterns among website users. We use this information in order to administer and improve the websites. More information about this is given in section 5, Web analysis and information capsules (cookies).

3. What information is handled

We handle both personally-identifiable information and non-personally-identifiable information about you. Personally-identifiable information is information that identifies you as an individual. Non-personally-identifiable information is information and other details that does not reveal your personal identity. 

4. Personally-identifiable information

We collect and handle the following details: 

You can subscribe to newsletters, meaning that you will receive emails from the Royal Norwegian Society for Development concerning current news. In order to send emails to the correct subscriber we need to register the email address.

If you direct an enquiry to the Royal Norwegian Society for Development via the web pages - for instance send us an email or apply for endowments - relevant information will be stored for as long as we find it useful. Personal information will not be used for any other purpose than to answer your enquiry.

5. Web analysis and information capsules (cookies)

When you visit our web pages, your web browser will download information capsules (cookies). These are small text files that are exchanged between the web browser and our web pages and which are used to make the pages function as well as possible. 

As a web user you can choose to refuse storage and use of information capsules (cookies). We recommend the Norwegian Communications Authority's website nettvett.no (in Norwegian) for a description of how you can accept or refuse information capsules (cookies). For english, try wikihow.

The information capsules that are used on our web site are listed below.

Information capsules on norgesvel.no, norgesvel.com and medaljen.no

It is CoreTrek AS (in Norwegian) who deliver the publication tool CorePublish (in Norwegian)for our website and who are responsible for technical development, running and maintenance. CorePublish use the following information capsules:

In order to make the publication system work: the capsule CorePublishSession.
This is a "sessions cookie" which is removed from the computer when the user closes the web browser. This cookie contains a reference ID to a session file on the web server. The session file will contain non-personal data for anonymous users, but on some web systems it will be used for temporary storage of for instance form data and search texts between page visits. The session file is automatically deleted no more than 15 minutes after the user has closed the web browser or become inactive, and as such is not permanently stored. Only the system administrator has access to these session files.

To identify the type of equipment and web browser you are using: the capsule ctcdk.
This capsule has a duration of one week and makes it possible for our website to present information formatted for the correct type of equipment (PC, mobile, tablet, etc.) This information capsule does not contain personal data.


We have provided the opportunity to forward articles by email and share articles in social media. Email addresses used to forward articles are not logged. Subsequent handling of data that is shared in social media is regulated by your agreement with the internet community in question.

Statistics and log

When you visit our website, information will be stored in a database. Information about which pages you have visited is stored in a raw-data table. Personal information is not stored. This information will subsequently be used to generate statistics regarding the number of viewing per object (menu entry, article, file) per server and per search word. All data in the raw data table will be deleted after 2 days and the remaining statistics contain only summary data which cannot be used to identify an individual visitor. 

The web server log stores the “user agent”, IP address and which page the visitor has visited. These logs are used exclusively for work connected with fault-finding and security, and no data is taken from or used from these logs. The logs are deleted after a certain interval (normally 4 weeks). Only the web-server administrator (operations) has access to these.

Our website uses the following tools which also place information capsules

Google Analytics


Here you can find further information about data protection for Google Analytics and YouTube

We also use Google Analytics to store visitor data. IP addresses are not stored and it is not possible for us to relate visitor statistics to individual visitors. Visitor statistics are available only to the web-editing team and the IT section in our company. Google Analytics also places cookies in your web browser.

If you do not wish to be tracked by Google Analytics, you can use a web browser add-on to block the tracking: Google Analytics' opt-out facility.

Https and secure browsing

Our website is encrypted with https. If you wish to ensure that you are on an encrypted page, check that the address in the address field contains https instead if just http. Most web browsers will also show a padlock.

The purpose of encryption is to ensure secure data communication between our website and your computer. This includes a digital certificate to prove that the website and its source are genuine.

Log-in attempts

All log-ins are recorded in a database table. The purpose is both to spot failed log-in attempts, to discover and prevent attempted break-ins and to see when and whether a particular user last logged in.

The log-in table stores the following data: user name, date and time of log-in, which URL was used to log in and the user’s IP address.

6. The legal basis for the data handling

We have grounds to handle personal data in accordance with the personal data act of 15 June 2018 (in Norwegian).

It is optional for website visitors to give out personal information. Such information is given in connection with services such as receiving newsletters, applying for endowments, ordering information material, booking a place on events and applying for the Medal for Long and Faithful Service.  The basis for data handling in these cases is your permission or an agreement with you, unless otherwise specified.

7. Access to information

In order to ensure that information handling by us occurs in a secure manner, only specially-approved individuals in the Royal Norwegian Society for Development have access to the information you provide.  Access to information is secured by access control mechanisms.

We will not reveal, sell, distribute, rent out, license, share or pass on details or personal information to any third party other than those who are contracted to supply relevant services to the Royal Norwegian Society for Development.

8. Newsletter

Subscribing to the Royal Norwegian Society for Development’s newsletter / medal for long and faithful service is voluntary. The newsletters contain current information about our activities. Newsletters are sent out at irregular intervals.  You can at any time cancel your subscription via a link in the newsletter.

We do not permit third parties to use your personal information for the purposes of marketing or communication.

9. Data handlers

The Royal Norwegian Society for Development has entered into contracts with the following data handlers:

  • CoreTrek AS
  • MailChimp
  • Wlcom
  • Duett
  • Idfy
  • KnowledgeGroup
  • Proplan

All websites belonging to the Royal Norwegian Society for Development are located on servers in Norway. 

10. How we secure information

We will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that our staff and the data handlers who have access to information about you have adequate information to ensure that they treat this information only in accordance with this declaration and our duties according to the legal regulations relating to protection of personal data. 

11. Your rights

In accordance with the personal data act, any person who asks has the right to information relating to the treatment of personal details by a business.  

If the Royal Norwegian Society for Development handles data concerning you, you have the right to insight into details stored about you. If personal details are incorrect, incomplete or you deny permission to handle them, you can also ask the Royal Norwegian Society for Development to correct such details. See contact information in the introduction to this declaration. 

We do not handle or store information about you for any longer than is necessary for the planned purpose, or than is required in relation to current agreements, or than is within the framework of the law. We delete personal information once a user gives notice that he/she no longer wishes to use the service. For instance, if your email address is used for sending out a newsletter, it will be deleted when you cancel the subscription or if we receive a message that it is not active. 

12. Consent

This data-protection statement applies to all users of our web pages. By using our web pages, you accept that your personal data can be handled in accordance with this data-protection statement, including transmission to data handlers as described in the declaration.

13. Changes in the declaration

The Royal Norwegian Society for Development reserves the right to change or update the data-protection statement. All changes apply from the date on which they are published and will include information collected from that date, as well as existing information stored by the Royal Norwegian Society for Development.

This version of the data-protection statement applies from 15.06.2018