During the years of need in Norway during the Napoleonic wars there was the need for a speedy development of Norwegian potato cultivation. The blockade made corn less available from overseas and frost and rain were ruining domestic sources. Many replacements were used, the potato like the best tasting.

Norges vel was actively improving agriculture as a part of being self-sufficient and building of the nation. Vi worked actively with making potatoes as widespread as possible, and improving cultivation methods to get better yields.

In the 19th century the potato became very important. Because the gave big yields and made large population growth possible. Throughout the 19th century large numbers of children were raised on herring and potatoes. The potato was a source of vitamin C and together with swedes it was an important part of the diet and helped prevent rickets.

Deler av artikkelen er hentet fra Norgeshistorie.no, Hilde Sandvik, "Da poteten kom til Norge".