Agricultural companies go back to the private ones founded in Norway from the second half of the 18th century with a goal of advancing agriculture. The danish companies fron 1769 worked it Norway as well and became a model for the Norwegian companies.

The first were established in Sunnmøre 1773, and after a while there were companies established in most counties. There were city dwellers, officials and proprietaries that headed the companies, some worked to show good operations, get good breeding stock and new plant types, release texts etc.

From 1809 the Royal Norwegian Society for Development became a central operation for the household land companies. From 1860 the authorities started funneling money into the agricultural sector through the companies that after a while became public management bodies. In 1920 the companies were restructured and got the name agricultural companies.

Agricultural companies, organisations at the front of agriculture, earlier with management responsibilities for public measures within agriculture and gardening. The board for municipalities' agricultural companies earlier worked as the board for municipalities' agriculture for cases that had to do with the laws of the earth. Members were partly appointed by authorities, partly by agricultural organisations. The tasks that the agricultural companies had in management of agricultural policy that were at a municipal level, have now been transferred to the agricultural department with the county governor and to the politically elected municipal agriculture board.

Teksten er hentet fra Store norske leksikon, fagkonsulent Even Bratberg, "Landbruksselskap"