In the beginning of the 1850s work in livestock was central. Norges Vel brought in knowledgeable animal handlers from Switzerland to teach farmers about animal care and milk treatment.

1856 Barns were arrange to stimulate better livestock conditions.


I begynnelsen av 1850-årene startet et arbeid der husdyrholdet sto sentralt. Norges Vel hentet dyktige sveitsere til Norge for å lære bøndene bedre dyrestell og melkebehandling.

1856 Dyrskuer ble arrangert for å stimulere til bedre husdyrhold.

1857 A pedigree of Telemarks cattle was built at Mæla Agricultural School in Skien.

1858 Started two new Opprettet to nye cooperative dairies in Nord-Østerdal and one in Nittedal.

1860 From 1860 there were more daires startes, many of these with financial support from Norges Vel.

1865 The first dairy chief was appointed to travel round and give advice on milk treatment. 

1866-1888 Norges Vel takes an active part in the creation and running of dairy schools.