Organisational Chart

Organization chart Norges Vel


Norges Vel is organised as an association, and is a membership organisation with the board of representatives is the supreme body. The board of representatives consists of one representative from each of the organisational members, 18 representatives for the personal members, the board of directors and 4 representatives chosen by, and among Norges Vel's employees.

The board of directors is lead by the Praeses. The board of directors is chosen by the board of representatives. The board of directors hires the managing director


As a nonprofit operation the goal is that there should be economic balance and that any profit gets reinvested into development projects that contribute to the communities we work with. There should be work done to strengthen the organisation's economic maneuverability contiuously.

Membership Organisation

Norges Vel has 28 organisational members and 325 personal members.

Norges Vel has four honorary members:

  • Tor Breen
  • Johan Buttedahl
  • Thorvald Hillestad
  • Kristian Kaus