The award is in the form of a silver medallion, and through this we wish to honour entrepreneurs for their efforts.

Developing the community

The efforts of a worthy recipient are forward thinking and innovative, and shall contribute to the development of the community. The efforts shall work as a catalyst for further innovation. Nature and culture are the greatest resources of a community, and some examples of innovation that can earn honour through Norges Vel's award are:

  • Promoting and conserving a community's cultural and culinary traditions
  • Value creation for local food producers
  • Use of local resources and raw materials in new ways
  • Product development or new products
  • Renewable energy or environmental measures
  • Efforts to create employment

Encourages innovation

Norges Vel's entrepreneurship award is a clear showing that the efforts made by the recipient have been appreciated and recognised. It was established to encourage innovation and creation. The award is given to people who have made an effort in their communities, organisations or companies. 


The award is prestigious, not many people get it.

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Questions about the award

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