We also help to formalize women's ownership and management in all parts of the value chain. Norges Vel is also dedicated to building women's skills.

At this year’s women’s day, Helene Lie is working with women (and men) to develop the business plan for the farm-owned company Uganda Farmers Meat Company (UFMC). Here they also discuss how women and young adults can become more involved in the meat value chain in Uganda. The overall objective of the project is to reduce poverty and improve food security by creating jobs and increasing income and improving the competitiveness of meat producers in Uganda.

At the same time, in Mozambique, colleague Anne Mugaas is developing a model for profitable tilapia farming based on our aquaculture projects Madagascar. There we are strengthening women's ability to take ownership of seafood production through education in economics, entrepreneurship and business planning. This has yielded results - for example, in the field of sea cucumber, where half of the producers now are women.

we are not completely in target

Although many things are going right here in Norway, we are not completely in target. Norges Vel is committed to equal opportunities for women and men in work and society here too.

Tamara Sepulveda holder kurs for innvandrerkvinner i Skedsmo

Tamara Sepulveda (nr 3 from left) usually works in the canteen of Norges Vel, but she is also teaching immigrant women in Skedsmo municipality. Norges Vel has developed the concept of food related work training with practical Norwegian education, which we conduct in cooperation with Jobbsjansen and NAV Skedsmo. Many immigrant women who have been through the program are now in work.

Marius Sandvik is in Askim to meet entrepreneurial spirits from Østfold. He says that the number of female entrepreneurs is increasing, and for the first time there are now more women than men who attend to courses or wants advice for their businesses.

These are just some of the many areas of Norges Vel’s work to create sustainable business development in Norway and internationally. And equal terms for men and women are an important part of the concept of sustainability.

Happy Women’s day!