- The goal of the week was to exchange experiences within meat production and processing, as well as discuss future opportunities in the meat sector in Uganda, says project leader Helene Lie in Norges Vel.

During the week, the partners participated in parts of Nortura's annual general meeting, visited Nortura’s slaughterhouse in Otta, and visited Norwegian meat producers and supermarkets to gain insight into the entire meat value chain. The program specifically aimed at looking into how meat quality is maintained up until the product reaches the customer. This is an important area of improvement that the Uganda Meat Producers Cooperative Union (UMPCU) and Uganda Farmers Meat Company (UFMC) work hard to achieve.

UMPCU and UFMC also got the opportunity to present and discuss future plans and opportunities for existing and potential new supporters.

- We greatly appreciate the support we receive from Norway through Norges Vel and Nortura. It has been a rewarding and interesting visit, and we have learned about several aspects that can contribute to the development of the meat sector in Uganda. This includes knowledge about meat production, planning of feed reserves, the use of technology and the importance of good payment systems. We have also learned how companies and organizations in the meat industry are run and organized in an inclusive and efficient way, says Francis Jumba, CEO of UFMC.