Norges Vel has worked with REBI from 2011 to 2016. The start up was financed by nordic climate facility (NCF) and Norad and it was put into action in collaboration with Makerere university in Kampala. The incubator is now registered as its own entity and has received support from the Norwegian embassy in Uganda.

REBI's areas of focus are to support the creation of companies that work with renewable energy. They offer:

  • business development services for micro, small and medium-large renewable companies
  • capacity building to increase the number of employees
  • early testing of new technologies with the intention of finding applications

This has created valuable jobs, increased access to products and services based on renewable energy, and contributed to reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

Prestigious award for participating company

One of REBI's participants from 2013/2014, ADAPT Plus Ltd., won the prestigious National Energy Globe Award Uganda in 2017. ADAPT Plus is a green company that uses biological waste to make sustainable fire briquettes for cooking. Improved kitchen equipment and briquettes reduces deforestation and indoor pollution. In addition to this the children can go to school instead of collecting firewood.

ADAPT Plus hires refugees to produce the briquettes and cooking equipment that is sold to local merchants and directly to households in the community. At least 80 000 people have had the advantage of using this technology, including refugee camps where fuel for fire is in short supply.

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