Ås Municipality and the Royal Norwegian Society of Norway have signed a three-year contract for the operation of the Entrepreneur Service in Follo. The service applies to the whole region, with Ås municipality as a contract partner on behalf of the Follo municipalities.

"Our office will now be headquartered in Ås, but we can also keep courses and guidance elsewhere in Follo," says senior adviser Marius Sandvik in Norges Vel, which has the day-to-day operations of the Establishment Service in Follo.

The spring course will be announced shortly at http://etablerer-akershus.no 
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Long experience and a large network

"Connecting new entrepreneurs to relevant stakeholders is crucial for more success with their businesses. Norges Vel has both long experience and a comprehensive network that is useful in business development and corporate start-up. Our network includes, among other things, knowledge communities at universities and colleges, industry gardens, the Patent Board, the Student Entrepreneurship, the Research Council, Innovation Norway, municipalities, entrepreneurship networks and private industry, "says Sandvik.

Offers courses and individual guidance

The Service for entrepreneurship is jointly funded by Akershus county municipality and the Follo municipalities and is free for the participants. The service offers basic courses in business establishment, different theme courses and individual guidance.

Norges Vel did also run this service in Follo the previous period. The organization also operates the establishment of Øvre Romerike, and is a subcontractor for the establishment of Nedre Romerike.