- Everyone in the organization will now use the same method for managing projects. This contributes to efficiency, quality and transfer of experience. It is a great advantage that PRINCE2 can be customized since we work with many different types of projects in different industries, countries and cultures, "says Øyvind Ørbeck Sørheim, Managing Director of Norges Vel.

Recognized International Certification

PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a recognized certification for efficient project management. The method is international and can be tailored and adapted to most organizations, industries and projects. PRINCE2 is a process-based approach to a project model with phases, decision points and management requirements.

The number of certified in Norway and worldwide increases rapidly. PRINCE2® has emerged from IT projects but has subsequently been developed into a generic method developed for all types of projects, regardless of size, industry, organization, geography and culture.

In Norway, DIFI (Directorate of Management and ICT) has based its recommended project wizard on the PRINCE2® method.

The method consists of a number of processes, themes and principles. To ensure successful project implementation, PRINCE2 is based on experience from project sponsors, project managers, project teams, course leaders and consultants from around the world. Through the method there will be a clear structure for responsibility, delegation, authority and communication.