In 1968, the Royal Norwegian Society for Development established a selection for hygiene and nature conservation along our roads. The committee was to promote the organization of a number of measures for better hygiene and nature protection in connection with public transport, picnic and camping along the roads. The work soon took the direction of what was called the "Keep Norway Clean" campaign.

Kjell Aukrust was commissioned to create a figure that could follow the campaign. Thus, the anxious and meek hedgehog Ludvig was created. Ludvig was the main subject on a poster that was distributed in thousands.

The little hedgehog also became a well-known actor in the popular movie Flåklypa Grand Prix in 1975, and in later Flåklypa movies.

Started in Oppland

The campaign started in the county of Oppland as a trial in 1969. The Road Administration established 325 rest areas which were financed by an extra grant of NOK 600,000 from the Directorate of Public Roads. 4000 school children participated in a clean-up operation along the roads and collected 40 tons of waste.

The test ground in Oppland gave very good experiences, and it was decided to continue the action in three new counties in 1970. Then new counties followed, so that the action covered the country and could be concluded in 1977. Norges Vel was responsible for the central leadership of the action.

Still needs action

In 2004, Keep Norway Clean was re-established as a campaign, and was founded as an independent organization in 2014. Each year, mor than 20,000 volunteers contribute to Keep Norway Clean’s work through local clearing actions throughout Norway.