«European Bio Economy Venture Forum offers businesses within the bioeconomy an opportunity to present projects and products for investors and partners from large companies and venture companies from all over the world,» says Sandvik.

Bioeconomy is the production of renewable biological resources which are further processed for example for food, feed, chemicals, ingredients, materials, pharmaceutical products and bioenergy. It is also about waste management and recycling of nutrients.

Investors and networks

The Innovation Environment Tech Tour is behind the event, where NMBU (the Norwegian University of Life Sciences) and Norges Vel are Norwegian partners. Norges Vels supervisors Mats Olsen and Marius Sandvik will be present to prepare and guide the Norwegian participants. Olsen and Sandvik have broad experience from business development and advising entrepreneurs from Øvre Romerike, Follo and Østfold.

«Entrepreneurs will get an exciting opportunity for further growth by participating in this Venture Forum within green industries. The first day we offer reviews and advice on presentation and content, the second day there are presentations and meetings with investors. In addition, there are great opportunities to connect and build networks with participants and investors. The event is free, but travel and accommodation is paid by the participant. Those who sign up will go through a selection process to maximise the opportunity for success,» says Olsen, adding that the application deadline is April 1st.

Norwegian company in the final

The Norwegian entrepreneurial company Soil Steam International went to the top in Denmark last year, and on to the final in Düsseldorf where they were awarded Europe's best start-up company in agricultural technology. This has opened many new doors for the Sandefjord company which has developed a machine that cleans the soil with water vapor instead of chemicals.

«It is important that we in Norway dare to stick out a bit and be visible outside the country, this is needed if you are to meet investors», says general manager Hans Kristian Westrum in Soil Steam International.

«European Bio Economy Venture Forum is held for the second time. Last year's investor forum was very successful with 40 registered entrepreneurial companies from seven countries, but we hope that more Norwegian entrepreneurs will join this year and that we will see more in the final», Olsen says.

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The event is free, but travel and accommodation is paid by the participant.
Registration by April 1st.

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Tlf: 957 28 688
E-post: mats.olsen@norgesvel.no