There are now 20,000 small producers who are part owners of, and sell their seeds through, IKURU. The joint venture has set up a seed-cleaning line and has added capacity and expertise. Norges Vel’s role is to ensure that farmers have the tools needed to achieve local value creation. Thus, IKURU can deliver quality to the market, achieve good prices and bring back the value added to the farmers.

IKURU today organizes the production and sale of seed grain and other input factors. In addition, they convert volumes of both organic and conventionally produced goods such as sesame, cashew, peanuts, soya and several types of beans.

Around 80% of the population of Mozambique are active in agriculture, and the country has a great potential for agriculture-based commercial development. The Nampula region is the most important agricultural area in Mozambique and has its own port for export. Inputs such as seeds of high quality, fertilizers, tools at reasonable prices are a prerequisite for developing the sector. 

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