The Renewable Energy Incubator Program was conducted in Dar es Salaam from 2014 to 2016. The Training that the Incubatees received was in Renewable Energy Business development so as to become renewable energy business entrepreneurs in the areas of solar and wind, briquettes and cookstoves.

Great progress trough and after the program

The results at the end of 2017 show that the entrepreneurial companies have achieved great progress through and after the program: 

  • Increase in annual revenue
  • Received Funding and investment from donors
  • Proper registration of their companies
  • Developed Business and Marketing plans
  • Obtained Tenders 
  • Provided employment opportunities to the Locals

Well deserved certificates to the incubatees

The Graduation was inaugurated by Stella Martin Manyanya, Tanzania's Deputy Minister of Industries, Trade and Investment, who presented the certificates to the incubatees. Other guest was the TAREBI steering Committee Chairperson Dr. Neema Mori, the supporting partner Norges Vel, implementing partner IMED, the 6 incubatees and other invited Guests such as UNIDO and more.

The 6 incubatees are namely:

  • Ageco Energy Ltd (solar)
  • Sepon Ltd (solar)
  • Galaxy Energy Solutions Ltd (solar)
  • Dobea Energy Ltd (solar and wind)
  • Heritage Cottage (briquettes)
  • Neppers (cookstoves)

Sustainable business by the utilization of local resources

“Norges Vel works with sustainable, environmental friendly businesses by promoting thriving local communities through the utilization of local resources and ensuring that the value created is invested locally. We can comfortably say that Norges Vel has done exactly so for the Renewable Energy Industry through the TAREBI incubator”, says José Ramos, manager at Norges Vels Tanzanian office.