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  • Lack of seriousness in government's treatment

    Useriøs behandling fra Regjeringen

    Norges vel is reacting to what we feel is a lack of seriousness from the government when it comes to nonprofit and volunteer organisations. For the fourth year running we have become political leverage thrown around between he government and other parties during budget negotiations. Here you can read what was printed in today's Vårt Land

  • Celebrating 25 years of economuseums


    On monday the 25 year anniversary for the international network surrounding economuseums - Craftspeople in action - was celebrated in Bergen. 75 representatives from 30 economuseums in Canada and Northern Europe participated in the celebrations that stretched over 5 days on the West coast.

  • Successful incubator for renewable energy.

    Suksessfull inkubator for fornybar energi

    The incubator for renewable energy (REBI) in Uganda, that Norges Vel took initiative for in 2011, is now standing on its own legs with successful participants . The incubator has established 14 green companies and supported 24 green entrepreneurs in 6 years. Recently one of the participating companies ADAPT plus received the a prestigious renewable award. (Pictured: ADAPT's production team).

  • New industry standard for bio-fertiliser and compost

    Ny bransjenorm for biogjødsel og kompost

    Norges Vel will create an industry standard for bio-fertiliser and compost in collaboration with Hjellnes Consult. The aim is to achieve a better quality in fertiliser products. The task was given by Avfall Norge, and is to be finished by the end of December 2017.

  • Developing the meat sector in Uganda

    Langhornede kyr fra Uganda

    Growth in the Ungandan middle class means that there is an increasing demand for meat of a superior quality to usual. Together with Nortura, Ugandan farmers and authorities Norges Vel has, with support from Norad, worked to develop the meat sector in the country through better production methods, and healthier animals.

  • Fish farming provides improved standard of living on Madagascar

    Norges Vels prosjekt for tilapia-oppdrett på Madagaskar gir arbeidsplasser og økt velstand for lokale kvinner og menn

    Tilapia fish farming on Madagascar provides jobs and improved living standards for local women and men. Over the course of four years, the small producers taking part in the project have almost tripled their monthly income, and the number of producers is steadily increasing.

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