Committed members

Many of our members have followed us closely for many years in conjunction with project cooperation or from the business's humble beginning where Norges Vel has taken to establishment. We have 29 organisational members and 720 personal members, including 4 honorary members. 

We want you or your business as a member

For our work to be successful we need active and committed members. You can become a personal member, and your business or organisation can become an organisational member. As a member of Norges Vel you will receive our newsletters regularly. You can also follow us on Facebook, Norges Vel - for thriving communities.

How to become a member

We offer two different memberships

Personal member in Norges Vel
This is a membership for people who identify with and wish to contribute to the tasks and purposes that Norges Vel work with, both in Norway and internationally. Currently there are about 780 people who hold this unique membership. Personal membership costs NOK 200,- a year.

Organisational member in Norges Vel
Organisations working towards a purpose that coincides with Norges Vel's can be brought in by Norges Vel's board of directors. Organisational members pay a rate dependent on revenue.