Which endowments can you apply for?

The Agricultural endowment in Norges Vel supports measures that contribute to innovative agricultural development in nature focused business.

The Educational endowment in Norges Vel supports measures that contribute to raising competence with a goal of innovative business development within nature focused businesses.

The Culture and environment endowment in Norges Vel supports measures that contribute to innovative business development within culture and environmental nature focused businesses.

Applications that get priorities

  • Has to be related to a novel business development within nature focused businesses and contribute to education and knowledge sharing.
  • Must be categorise as one of the following
        - Agriculture and environment
        - Food, culture and experiences
        - Renewable energy and climate
        - Aquaculture
        - Entrepreneurship and collaboration

Application that do not get priorities

  • Support that is included in normal studies like class trips, projects, theses or similar.
  • General study support to avoid loans
  • Support to preserve old houses or items (assuming it is not part of a local business, for example a tourist attraction.)
  • Support for projects and events at public or private cultural institutions.

How do you apply?

A joint application form has been developed for all three endowments.
Be sure to tick the endowment (s) you seek.

When the endowments are announced, you will find the application form in the menu on the right.

Questions can be sent to:

Head of development, Kari Clausen

Who awards the endowments and when?

The board of directors decides who will receive support from the endowments. This normally happens in August or September.