Local small scale farmers work all their lives to provide for their families, in addition to this the excess is sold at the market. Norges Vel works to make sure they are getting a larger market power and impact through organisation, knowledge and partnerships.

Organisation for cooperation and growth

The producers have a massive potential to grow, but often they lack the knowledge to maximise the effectiveness of their production, marketing, infrastructure and opportunities of credit. This hampers growth and full participation in the market. Norges Vel's experience shows that robust organisation and cooperative solutions can effectively change the situation in favor of the producer, their family, and the local community.

Norges Vel organises systems that let cooperatives of farmers take out loans. Cooperatives and producers organisations are fundamental to building up knowledge about business development and production.

Building knowledge

Norges Vel contributes to quality checking business ideas and choice of organisation structure when new businesses are to be established.  In all of our projects the economic, social, ethical, and environmental situation is assessed to verify sustainability. We look at the effective utilisation of resources, organisation and cooperative solutions.

To contribute to prosperity development through environmentally friendly energy and workplaces, Norges Vel has established two incubators for business development based on renewable energy. The incubators take in entrepreneurs with business ideas based on renewable energy. Here they get advice varying from conceptualisation to implementation and strategic planning, simultaneously building a network and knowledge. When the companies can operate independently after 6 months to 2 years, they establish outside the incubator and give room for new entrepreneurs.

Partnerships and alliance building

Responsible partnerships and the building of strong alliances is decisive for future oriented developmental work. Norges Vel is an active and engaged partner that wishes to unite powers and competence with the businesses we enter partnership with.

Norges Vel's partners are of different sizes and structure. Some are long term development partners while others are commercial entities that provide techincal competency and market access. Partners are crucial for the development of local businesses and small scale producers. An important role for Norges Vel is to secure that partners' commercial interests do not confict with those of the producers, who are the target audience for us.

Cooperation for improved production and profit

Norges Vel contributions mean that small scale farmers in local communities can work together to create profitable situations and sustainable businesses. These are some of the methods we use:

  • Mobilise small scale farmers to cooperate and develop the agriculture
  • Partnerships with local NGOs and private businesses
  • Common access to credit and financial services
  • Organise small scale farmers for common access to the market