The value chain is the process that creates a business' and a community's wealth. Norges Vel is developing whole value chains with all value creating activities, both new and existing businesses. Especially within the green and blue section. A value chain development gives businesses a clear competitive lead and often a larger portion of the value creation.

Creates new business and employment

Norges Vel thinks comprehensively and works across environments and sectors. We are interested by the end consumer's perspective and what creates business and employment. We develop value chains from a - z. An example from Østfold is the project Norsk Maltbygg that has resulted in a new type of corn and an increased production of corn. There is a whole value chain that is developed from corn to consumer, amongst others Coop's Gullbygg, which has had huge success in shops.

Small scale farmers increasing profits

In our international programs the main strategy is to prepare organised farmers for partaking in modern value chains. These value chains can give smaller farmers the opportunity to increase revenue by meeting the demand for more processed items in urban markets. But it is often a higher investment cost and risk to take part in these markets. Traditional markets therefore still give smaller farmers an alternative, in most of Norges Vel's programs the two options live well side by side. 

On Madagascar Norges Vel developed a value chain for farming of the freshwater fish tilapia from lake to table. In three years the 200 small scale farmers have almost tripled their monthly income from tilapia. We have also supported the producers to organise and develop a regional cooperative with five local cooperatives it represents.