Since 1809, Norges Vel has taken initiative to establish many new associations and organisations. This was an important approach in our work as a nation-builder, and works just as well today in order to develop thriving local communities.

Cooperative solutions and strategic alliances

Norges Vel's work develops new and creative cooperative solutions for partnerships, strategic alliances and builds strong local value chains that secure that both labour and value created benefit the business as well as the local community. Our long experience and broad knowledge about networking, organisation and cooperative solutions contributes to good and viable value chains in local communities both in Norway and internationally.

Builds competency environments and develops organisations

Internationally, Norges Vel works much with building competency environments and developing the organisations of partners. The goal in the long term is that they take over the management and contribute to development of their own countries and regions. In Tanzania, we have, among other things, collaborated with and developed the nonprofit organisation RUDI (Rural Urban Development Initiative). RUDI works with providing small and medium-scale businesses and agricultural communities with improved distribution and access to markets for their products.

Establishing new organisations

In addition to establishing new associations and organisations, Norges Vel has functioned as the secretariat and provided administrative tasks for many of these both in the start-up phase and in the longer term. These are just some of the organisations that we have initiated and have run/are running:

  • Beitepatruljen SA
  • Bygdeservice SA
  • Norsk Taredyrkerforening
  • Norsk Matraps SA
  • NOBIO – Norsk Bioenergiforening (founded)
  • Fairtrade Norge
  • Samvirkeutvalget/ Samvirkesenteret (founded)
  • Norsk Solenergiforening (Secretary General)
  • Samdriftenes Kontaktorgan (SKO)
  • Regional Matkultur Oslofjord

Help to choose the right organisational form

At the start of a new business it can be difficult to say which organizational form fits best both in the short and long term. Norges Vel has knowledge and experience in analysing and developing good organisational forms for small and medium-sized businesses.

Norges Vel contributed to introducing cooperative as an organisational form back in the days through the establishment of the Norwegian agricultural cooperatives. This is a democratic organisation that can, among other things, contribute to wider dissemination of a sustainable sharing economy. Our expertise covers all types of organisational forms, but we often see that the cooperative model is the most applicable to many of the areas we work in.