Many small and medium-large businesses have trouble working out how they can take advantage of research that gets released. Research groups often have a different motivation than businesses. Norges Vel works with finding links between research and businesses on the behalf of the businesses.

The market applications of research results

To create innovation and increased value, Norges Vel works with expertise linking and network building between R&D and business. We are working actively to create real user controlled research and contribute to cooperation between research and business.

Norges Vel makes relevant research results available and transferrable for small and medium-large businesses within the agriculture and food sectors.

Kelp - From research to revenue

The use of kelp as raw material for different business uses has a large potential for local value creation and employment. In addition kelp farming is environmentally friendly and can become an important part if the new bio-economy. Norges Vel wishes to contribute to kelp becoming a profitable and sustainable business for communities along the Norwegian coast, but there is a lot of pioneering work to be done to create an entirely new value chain from kelp seedlings to finished products on a plate.

Implementation of research based knowledge is a vital tool for success, and Norges Vel took responsibility for applying to Regional Forskningsfond Vest, in collaboration with Seaweed AS, SINTEF Fiskeri og Havbruk AS, Nasjonalt institutt for Ernærings- og Sjømatforskning, and Nofima AS. Through this project a value chain has been established at Seaweed for the farming of kelp and production of safe foods for national and international markets. Many customers are already in the act of trying the new nutritious food from the sea.

From research to renewable energy in Mozambique

Every year 40-50 thousand tonnes of energy intensive cashew shells from the industry in Mozambique are destroyed. Norges Vel has therefore looked at the possibility of using this waste product to produce electricity or replace charcoal created by illegal logging. Norges Vel performed theoretical research in addition to developing business models that can give value for the owner of the biomass and create jobs for the local community.

Because of this, a project has been established with the owner of the biomass to build up a disbribution of ovens, produce pellets and later expand to the remaining cashew-factories with similar volumes. The main goal is to reduce air pollution from making food with coal, and give access to clean and sustainable energy. Simultaneously we strengthen the lokal process industry and create jobs and wealth in the cashew industry.