It can be challenging to start your own business. But an entrepreneur is responsible for all the choices along the way, choices that his or her success depends on. Norges Vel assists entrepreneurs every step of the way, from quality control of the business idea to finding the right organisational structure when a new business is being established.

Evironmentally friendly business opportunities

Green entrepreneurship is an important area of focus. Norges Vel wants to promote business development that is environmentally friendly. This is especially relevant within agriculture related to food production and environmentally friendly energy based on the use of leftover resources.

Together with The Norwegian agriculture advisory we have developed the course "business development on the farm". The course is for farm owners who wish to develop new businesses based on the farms resources.

Advising and courses for entrepreneurs

We run entrepreneur advisors in many regions, and host various entrepreneur courses, both in our own interest and for the benefit of others. We do professional business assessment of plans, market research and analysis, hold lectures or give general advice to entrepreneurs who are starting out.

Business development for prosperity

In our international work entrepreneurship is an important method for increasing prosperity via business development. In Uganda and Tanzania, Norges Vel has established two incubators for business development based on renewable energy. The incubators bring in entrepreneurs with business ideas for renewable energy here they receive advice on all subjects from conceptualising to implementation and strategic planning, whilst they simultaneously build a network and knowledge. When business is self sufficient, generally after 6 months to 2 years, they establish outside the incubator which then has room for more people.

Creates sustainable business

Both in Norway and internationally entrepreneurship is about business ideas of an assured quality. In all of our projects economic, social, ethical, an environmental factors are assessed to ensure their sustainability. We look at the effective use of resources, organisation and collaborative solutions. It is an important aspect of our operation that we create sustainable businesses and stop influencing once it is self sufficient.