Business development is about actualising commercial possibilities in new or existing markets, whether that is Bergen or Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Developing a project from idea to launch and execution is often a demanding process.

Project and process leadership for business development

Project and process leadership is a one of Norges Vels primary areas of expertise, and key for achieving success in business development.

When working on a project we are committed to getting the best out of the individual and the entirety, and manage collaboration between project participants in a way that ensures the best result.

Knowledge sharing through advisors, courses and seminars

Enlightening and knowledge sharing has always been an important part of Norges Vel's work. Business development is about processes over time. From the first rough idea to becoming a reality, there are many processes that it must go through. These are hard processes. Through advising, courses and seminars, we help clients find the answers, whether they need help with idea development, writing up a business plan, access to the market, a new network or the entire project from a - z.

Our approach is the core of our work

In everything that Norges Vel does, whether it is in Norway or an African village, the entrepreneurs stand at the centre of our commitment. We work with efficient organisation and cooperative solutions. We have a vast experience with developing local value chains and creating innovation and new business with the aid of research information.

Ever since day one these approaches have been the core of our work:

Entrepreneurship – Norges Vel helps entrepreneurs use local resources to create businesses and employment.

Partnerships and business organisation - Norges Vel contributes to correct organisation and good deals that strengthen local businesses market positions and results.

From R&D to business - Norges Vel increases value generation through connecting research and business.

Value chain development - Norges Vel develops local value chains that contribute to values being generated locally and stay there.