In Norway, viable communities are about having both population and job opportunities in a geographical area where people live and feel social belonging. For many communities depopulation is an issue. In addition to this we are seeing a necessity for more environmentally friendly businesses as climate change becomes a larger issue. Norges Vel is contributing to making sure that climate friendly businesses such as food production and renewable energy are creating jobs in the local community.

Internationally the overarching goal is to reduce poverty by helping local economic growth through business development. We are primarily aiming at men and women who make a living through agriculture and marine resources. Norges Vel contributes to local communities increasing revenues and the number of jobs through sustainable and green use of local natural resources.

Proven approach of development

Our approach are the same as when established: Co-operation, sharing of knowledge and entrepreneurship. In all of Norges Vel's work, whether it is in Norway or a village in Africa, the founders and initiators are at the centre of our commitment. Our work is efficiently organised and utilises co-operative solutions. By using our substantial experience within the development of value chains as well as research results we work to create innovation and new business.

Endowments for business development

Norges Vel's Endowments for business development supports projects and measures that contribute to the creation or development of nature-based businesses. The endowments that Norges Vel grants was given as a testamentary gift.

Honours for development and employment

During the 19th century Norges Vel instituted a series of prizes and medals to honour efforts of benefit to the community. The goal being to build up the country by encouraging business development with food production and as a trademark for good quality. The two most important honours are still maintained:

Norges Vel's Entrepreneurship Award is given to people who have made a special effort in their local community, organisation, or company.

The Medal for Long and Faithful Service is a unique distinction with lasting traditions, which has been awarded since 1888. The Royal Norwegian Society for Development, Norges Vel, bestows the award to highlight and honour a dedication to work.