The award honours efforts for the good of the communityMedaljen

The Royal Norwegian Society for Development was started in 1809. In line with the spirit of the times, Norges Vel started using medallions to honour efforts for the betterment of the community. That is how Norges Vel got its first medallion, The Ceres Medallion, in 1861. It was made in gold, silver and bronze. And was used mostly in conjunction with exhibitions. In 1888 the medallion for long and faithful service came along, and is still here today.


An award for showing increased enthusiasm about agricultural issues

In 1893 Norges Vel gave out a medallion that was meant to reflect an increased enthusiasm about agricultural issues. On the front it said ”Fædrelandets vel dets sønners ære” (Fatherland's wellness is sons honour.) around a sitting woman in national garb, who is reaching out with a wreath in her right hand and holding a sheaf of corn in her left.

On the back was the Norwegian coat of arms, surrounded by the tekst "De Kongelige Selskap for Norges Vel - stifted 29de december 1809" (The Royal Norwegian Society for Development - Founded the 29th of December 1809) the back had to be revised when the union dissolved in 1905, and in 1906 a new medallion with the updated coat of arms was in place.

The medallion was drawn up by the architect Henrik Bull, modelled by sculptur Thorbjørn Alvåker and engraved by Ivar Throndsen at the Royal Mint in Kongsberg.

The silver medallion - an entrepreneurship prize

Throughout the years, the award has been used to honour different areas. From 2012 the medallion is solely an entrepreneurship award.