We received a total of 76 applications regarding funds for exciting projects within environment, business development and entrepreneurship

Agriculture endowment

Inn på tunet Trøndelag
Inn på tunet (IPT) are welfare services within agriculture linked up with the farm, life and work there. The applicant wishes to develop, test and evaluate beginner education for service providers within IPT. Receives funding for an important area within business development in agriculture.

Tingvoll Sol- og bioenergisenter og Norsk senter for økologisk landbruk (NORSØK)    
Wishes to study and establish the use of solar power on farmsteads to reduce energy and costs. Has received funding to gather experience and document the effect on the few farmsteads that exist today.

Norsk Solenergiforening
Works to improve the framework for solar power in Norway, has received funding to develop brochures for use of solar power in agriculture. Will be given out to members and partners in the agricultural sector, will also be used for lobbying politicians and decision makers.


Culture and environment endowment

Spindelfisk wishes to keep food traditions that have matured cod products and increase the relevance and use of these products in the restaurant business. Spindelfisk received funding to support and arrange courses for chefs across the country.

Aurelijus Saragubovas          
Saragubovas has built a car with demo sun collectors. He has received funding to travel actively to events in Norway to spread knowledge about solar energy.

Catrine Berg Arnesen
has received funding to establish a permanent culture garden. In such a garden the earth is cultivated in an environmentally friends and sustainable way, and can work as a garden visited by and used for the education of youth. The project combines environment, agriculture as well as social entrepreneurship.


Education endowment

Seaweed AS   
The newly started Seaweed will farm and refine seaweed and kelp. They wish to provide employment along the Norwegian coast in the long term. They received funding for studies and workshops on sintef to increase competency within algae farming.

Panterne AS
Panterne is a small volunteer company that gives work to people who have issues with substance dependency through providing private residencies with the service of pant, glass and metal waste collection. Good social entrepreneurship that received the support to improve the teams competency.

Frøya Hetzel og Gunn-Berit Neergård
Masters students at NTNU's Entrepreneurschool. Both got funding to write their theses and for contact work related to the commercialisation of their projects. Good combination of establishing a company and developing competancy through education.