Norges Vel manages the agriculture, education, and culture and environment endowments. There were 97 applications received for funding of exciting projects and below you can read about some of the successful ones.


Agriculture endowment

The Norwegian Folkemuseum foundation  at Bygdø Kongsgård will in collaboration with Statsbygg develop the market garden on Bygdøy into a center for the dissemination of knowledge about ecological agriculture and cultivation of food in urban environments. Applicant was provided the funds for competency and course material development.

Full-time farmer Svenn Husebråten wishes to try out microalgae in chicken feed. Through the pilot project important information on how this affects the guts in conventional conditions will be found out in cooperation with the veterinary institute. The applicant was granted funds for innovative testing of alternate protein sources to chicken feed.


Culture and environment endowment

Val FoU is among other things engaged in the establishment of education opportunities within algae cultivation for Val high school. In collaboration with other projects they wish to develop a course model for the education of farmers and other potential algae farmers. Applicant has received funding for development of reading material and computar based platform for the education in cultivation of macro algae.

Spindelfisk, Nofima and Lyngsskjellan have entered a collaboration to work towards a refined product of kelp that grows near mussel plant in Lyngenfjord. Spindelfisk is the funding applicant and has received funding for the creation of at least one kelp based product for commercial sale.

Education Endowment

Frøya Tare A/S manually harvests and refines seaweed and kelp with a goal of getting the Norwegian populace more open to the idea of seaweed and kelp as food. They are cooperating with SINTEF to teach about macro alga farming. Kelp cultivation is new in Norway and the applicant is getting funding to develop competency that contributes to the development of a new business area.

Aagot Dahlen wants to establish a course that contributes to job creation within the food sector for women that have immigrated to Norway. The intended group targetet are refugee women that go to the café, or the refugee center or NAV recruits. Funding has been provided to a competency expansion project within food and culture, health and nutrition.