A total of 57 applications totaled 6.1 million kroner. There are many good projects around the country that deserve support, but with limited funds, a thorough process of treatment was decided to allocate funds to two projects from the Educational endowment and three projects within each of the other two endowments. Here are a few good examples:

Gutvik Fiskemottak and Kjella Samvirkelag received funds to conduct a seminar to focus on fishing of LUR species (low utilized resources). Fishing for LUR species is almost absent and the seminar should help both local fishermen and fishermen with previous experience of such fishing, together with central R & D environment and public administration, share experiences and disseminate knowledge about opportunities within a more innovative approach to coastal fishing. An important goal is to get young people interested in new approaches to the fishing industry, thus increasing recruitment to the profession.

SALT Lofoten got funds to develop a teaching program aimed at school students called TANGsprell. TANGsprell provides exciting insight into algae as a raw material for food through both theory and practice, such as visiting a plant for algae cultivation. TANGsprell is a pilot project which is initially carried out in Lofoten but can be transferred to other schools near algae cultivation plants.

Rein's Monastery is a cultural heritage at Fosen. The owner has started business activities based on farm raw materials. Beer production is to be moved from an outside plant and to the restored barn at Rein's Monastery, and funds were given to develop 12 new types of beer based on the history of the Monastery.

Det Gamle Røgeri AS received funding for a collaborative project between butchers, sausage makers and farmers in Vestfold to prepare a brand in cured meats based on deer, sheep, goats and ox. The project provides improved profitability and utilization of animal meat and ripple effects for a niche slaughterhouse, sausage making and smokery.