Norges Vel manages the Agriculture endowment, Education endowment and Culture and Environment endowment. Because of a low return on investment in 2015 resources were only granted from the agriculture endowment for logging in Berg forests in Asker. There were 65 applications for a total of 8.8 million kroner.

Through a thorough vetting process there were 8 projects that received grants, with a focus on cooperative agreements within agriculture. These are some of the projects we have supported: 

Neighborhood gardens is an urban center for cultivation, ecological innovation and green community activity. They wish to promote the use of rooftop gardens by spreading practical knowledge of what is needed to do those sorts of projects.

Arktisk Kje SA is a business owned and run by the farmers themselves. They wish to establish larger goat locations (100-200 goats) where one or more producers collaborate about high quality production of large goats that are slaughted before they are half a year old. They wish to use the endowment funds for competency development for the farmers.

Bodin SA wants to assess the building of a visiting center for arctic agriculture on Bodin Gård in Bodø. This work is an initiative that will develop an arena for the marketing of Arctic food externally and as an inspiration to producers in the area.

TelemarkMat is a newly formed interest group for food producers where the goal is to run a business development collaboratively. TelemarkMat consists today of 6 farms that produce meat, cows and sheep. They wish to expand the number of farms and thereby the selection.

The funds will be used for the education in marketing and sales activities for each farm, education in the rules of Mattilsynet, both in marking and production, animal welfare, storage and transport.