The issues that are especially important to us are contributing to opportunites for women and men, environmental awareness, and a zero tolerance of corruption.

Empowering the equality and participation of women

Our view is that equality contributes to moving society in the right direction. In all of our projects we encourage equal involvement of the genders in both business management and organisation. We also work with formalising women's ownership and management in all parts of the value chain. From production to decision making to holding leadership roles.

Among other things Norges Vel is a part of The Norwegian Gender Network, an amalgamation of 14 charities. Measures for equality and women's rights are often neglected or met with resistance. Therefore a network like this is important for keeping the conversation on topic and development moving forward.

Zero tolerance of corruption

Corruption is a large global issue and the harm is usually largest in the poorest countries with weak authorities and a vulnerable public. Corruption is a threat to human rights, social fairness, and economic development.

Norges Vel has a zero tolerance of corruption and work consciously to eradicate it in our organisation and our projects. The routines and systems we employ contribute to openness and transparency. In addition to theis we have regular checks and follow-ups of projects to ensure that money is being used as planned, and we send reports to the financiers of projects like Norad and the foreign ministry.

Eco-lighthouse certified

Norges Vel works systematically with environmental policy on a daily basis and is certified by eco-lighthouse. Our environmental perspective considers the entire business, both in Norway and internationally.

Our statutes define the environment as one of our primary objectives; ”the development of environmental initiatives that pay heed to sustainability and long-term considerations”. Sustainability is a key part of our strategy to create communities that thrive. The environment is an important part of our business, for our contracting entities and in all of our projects. Being Eco-lighthouse certified is obviously a driving force for our work.

Being Eco-lighthouse certified involves working with environmental measure in our daily work. As an Eco-lighthouse Norges Vel fulfills the requirements and passes measures to ensure we are an environmentally friendly operation with a good working environment.

Eco-lighthouse is a national environmental certification scheme run by the foundation Eco-lighthouse.